Rose-shaped Vibrating Wearable

Introducing the Rose-shaped Vibrating Wearable, a discreet and elegantly designed vibrator for women. This silicone and ABS creation offers a pleasurable experience with 9-frequency vibrations. Controlled effortlessly through the MUSE App, it provides a customizable and intimate journey. Compact at 854337mm and weighing just 55g, it ensures comfort and portability. The alluring red color adds a touch of sophistication. With USB pinhole charging, this product combines convenience with sensuality. Elevate your intimate moments with the Rose-shaped Vibrating Wearable – where sophistication meets pleasure.

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Product Name: Rose-shaped Vibrating Wearable
Model: (Model not specified)
Product Dimensions: 854337mm
Color: Red
Packaging Dimensions: 97*52*46mm
Maximum Noise Level: <40 decibels
Net Weight: 55g
Material: Silicone + ABS
Gross Weight: 90g
Charging Mode: USB pinhole charging
Packing Quantity: 220 pieces
Functions: 9-frequency vibration + 9-frequency vibration + Controlled by MUSE App
Outer Box Dimensions: 55.5*27.5*40.5cm
Barcode: (Barcode not specified)
One Box Weight: 20.7kg


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