TR-00161 Oral Exercise Device

Meet the Feizi Xiao – a luxurious pleasure device crafted from ABS and silicone in alluring Rose Red. Weighing 174.5g, this vibrator features dual motor 7-speed variable frequency impact for an exquisite experience. Sized at 213mm(L)×41mm(W)×44mm(H), it offers a perfect blend of power and elegance. The magnetic charging, powered by a 750MAH battery at 3.7V, ensures seamless convenience. Packaged discreetly in a self-sealed bag, the Feizi Xiao promises a journey of pleasure in a sleek and captivating form. Elevate your intimate experience with this exceptional creation.

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Product Model: TR-00161
Name: Feizi Xiao
Material: ABS + Silicone
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Net Weight: 174.5g
Available Color: Rose Red
Gross Weight: 200g
Packing Quantity: 60pcs
Product Size: 213mm(L)×41mm(W)×44mm(H)
Gross Weight/Box: 11.5kg
Package Size: Sealed Bag Packaging
Outer Box Size: 56.142.833.1cm
Mode: Dual Motor 7-speed Variable Frequency Impact
Battery Capacity/Model: 750MAH/14500
Charging Method: Magnetic Charging
Voltage: 3.7V


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