TR-00201 Lovebird

Introducing the TR-00201 Lovebird, a captivating pleasure device crafted from ABS and silicone. Weighing 268g and available in the enchanting shades of Cherry Blossom Pink and 078 Purple, this IPX5 waterproof device promises a delightful experience. With dimensions of 226.541.588.5MM and a versatile mode offering both vibration and expansion, Lovebird is designed to satisfy your desires. Powered by a robust 1200MAH battery, rechargeable through convenient magnetic charging at 3.7V. Packaged elegantly in a 2539552MM box, enclosed in the 56.142.833.1CM outer box, Lovebird is set to redefine your moments of pleasure.

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Product Model: TR-00201
Name: Lovebird
Material: ABS + Silicone
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Net Weight: 268g
Available Colors: Cherry Blossom Pink, 078 Purple
Gross Weight: 355g
Packing Quantity: 42pcs
Product Size: 226.541.588.5MM
Gross Weight/Box: 15.2kg
Package Size: 2539552MM
Outer Box Size: 56.142.833.1CM
Mode: Vibration + Expansion
Battery Capacity/Model: 1200MAH/102540
Charging Method: Magnetic Charging
Voltage: 3.7V

Customers like the performance, comfort, charging, quality and settings of the sexual stimulation device. They mention that it works perfectly fine, the silicone is smooth and that it delivers great stimulation. They also appreciate the different settings and how easy it is to switch up the combinations.


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