Unveiling the TR-00212, affectionately named the Trifoliate Rose. Meticulously crafted from ABS and silicone, this IPX5 waterproof delight weighs a graceful 120g, adorned in the passionate hue of Chinese Red. Dive into the enchanting 10-speed Variable Frequency Tongue Licking mode, offering a symphony of pleasure. The Trifoliate Rose boasts a 300MAH battery, effortlessly recharged through magnetic charging, ensuring your moments are always in full bloom. Packaged in sets of 80pcs, each box (52.54634.5CM) carries the promise of 15.6KG of pure pleasure.

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Product Model: TR-00212
Name: Trifoliate Rose
Material: ABS + Silicone
Waterproof Level: IPX5
Net Weight: 120g
Available Color: Chinese Red
Gross Weight: 170.5g
Packaging Quantity: 80pcs
Product Size: 585880 mm
Gross Weight/Box: 15.6KG
Packaging Size: 959563cm
Outer Box Size: 52.54634.5CM
Modes: 10-speed Variable Frequency Tongue Licking
Battery Capacity/Model: 300MAH/602030
Charging Method: Magnetic Charging
Voltage: 3.7V


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